Civil, Criminal Law, Evidence, Cross-examination of expert witnesses,

Benefit to clients with serious matters including criminal defense of murder charges or where any scientific evidence is used at trial in both civil litigation and more minor criminal defense matters, which is often very resistant to effective cross-examination.

Authored Book Chapter on Evidence-Based Forensic Medicine: A Canadian Perspective, K.J. Berger, University of Toronto Legal and Forensic Medicine- Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013


Constitutional Law and Access to Health

World Association for Medical Law, December 2013 edition of Newsletter, obtained International contributions and collaboration from South African, the United States and Canada.

Criminal Law, Constitutional and Civil Litigation

Invited Speaker,

Innovation: Law and Medicine, Annual meeting, American College of Legal Medicine 2015

20th World Congress on Medical Law, Bali 2014 and 19th World Congress on Medical Law Brazil, 2012

LEGAL ARTICLES (International peer review legal journal)-

Contract Law, Tort Law, Litigation, and Sports Law

“Health and Sports Law Collide- Do Professional Athletes have and unfettered choice to accept risk of harm” Med Law (2011) 30(1):1-22.

Science & Law, Civil and Criminal Law

“”Science Convicting The Innocent” Med Law (2010) 29: 1-9.

Biotechnology & Law, Family, Contract and Civil Law.

“Protecting the Unborn Clone – Can Law and Science Evolve Together” Med Law (2005) 24(3):561-74.

Medical Malpractice, Civil Law and Regulated Health Professions/Administrative Law

“Informed Consent: Information or Knowledge” Med Law, 2003; 22(4):743-50.


Lectured Internationally on the following topics:

Medical Misadventure: Medical Error and Malpractice, Doctor, Patient, and Hospital Relations,
Informed Consent-Moving Target, Elderly Law, Capacity Issues and Informed Consent,
Scientific Admissibility Rules and Expert Witnesses in both Civil and Criminal Trials,
Advanced Medical Technologies and the Law and Death with Dignity of a Criminal Patient,
Sports Law and Health Law Collide: Waiver of Risk, Contract v. Tort liability.

Lectured extensively on medical and legal subject matters locally.

Other valuable experiences that may help particularly civil/criminal/administrative
litigation clients, those clients of the firm that have medical-legal or related issues:

Have acted extensively as an expert witness in civil litigation/medical malpractice cases, and in
criminal matters to assist the court and consulted in medical-legal cases, related to adjudicating
personal injury in the context of work related injury claims.